Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lauren Vickers look sexy sit close to her famous lover, Randy De Puniet as agile racer of elegant Pramac Ducati

Lauren Vickers, a beautiful top model who is a handsome and famous lover of French MotoGP rider, Randy de Puniet, Ducati Pramac campaigned as the most environmentally friendly team in the 2011 season. For her restless efforts to attract attention, a pretty woman who also used to work as an umbrella girl definitely looks sexy with minimal green wear. She did that in a special photocall to promote the green campaign.

Actually, fantastic Pramac Ducati is environmentally friendly launch campaign on the 2010 season. Not surprisingly, the satellite Ducati team is also known as the Green Energy Team because it uses solar and wind in the paddock. In addition, the team at the 2011 season reinforced De Puniet and veteran Italian rider, Loris Capirossi, also using electric bikes in the paddock.

Well, to further proclaim what their campaign, elegant Pramac Ducati use the reliable services of Vickers. A team spokesman said: "Lauren is a mother of nature, who came to fantastic MotoGP to help represent a team environment-friendly strategy."

De Puniet and Vickers had started a relationship since both are equally at LCR Honda squad. At that time, an agile rider of de Puniet Honda (from 2007-2010) and Vickers, a woman from Australia, is the umbrella girl team. The intensity is so high of meeting to make their good relationship closer and finally tied the rope romance awake until now.

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