Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's Sophisticated due to Car is accurately Capable to Read Facebook and Twitter

This 'elegant car or automotive equipped by Internet' is firstly able to read emails, updates information on Facebook and Twitter. Even motorists are able to access other sites via voice command system.

Vehicles named by fantastic Rinspeed Bamboo launched by Harman at the Geneva Motor Show has become the first car to use the advanced technology. Riders just need to put your smartphone or iPad in battery charging system on the electric powered car.

"This modern technology is to prevent users from disturbed because SMS or electronic messages. With a voice command system, the computer in the elegant car will read a message on an electronic device motorists, "said spokeswoman Kay Robinson.

The powerful car was able to detect all smartphones, IPAD and BlackBerry devices.

Update Twitter, Facebook and SMS messages can be accessible to motorists during the car was moving because the car automatically inform. This easily connected-technology means that agile riders can find the latest information without removing the hand from the wheel or eyes off the road, said Robinson again.

Official Car owners can also search for digital radio stations with voice commands using in-car entertainment technologies. Interestingly, four-wheeled vehicles that have Wi-Fi transmission that allows passengers to access the Internet via their laptop or mobile device.

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