Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It should be not ignored about Amazing Car Racing Formula 3, Apart Fast And Delicious

LONDON - This is the fantastic car racing Formula 3 (F3) the world's first use of biofuel (BBN) or biodiesel derived from chocolate. As a result, people who saw it commented: "In addition to fast, too delicious!"

No less interesting, the strong wheel uses a carrot base material, while the dectile body of the potato! Then certainly, this is not F3 vegetables or a representative model for food for the wonderful party. It is a elegant F3 car which is exactly made in accordance with complicated racing specifications and serve as the interesting appeal by a group of researchers from the outstanding University of Warwick, Conventry, West Midland, England.

Already Introduced
What can it be indeed made by F3 racing cars of foodstuffs and vegetables? If it could be, it certainly would cause controversy. Because the manufacture of biofuel, mainly originating from food or nuts are also a staple food of man, now denounced by various humanitarian agencies of the world. Cause, there are still many people in the wonderful world who are still experiencing shortages of food, to be in starvation. However, it won't be problematic if it's applied for car racing. Wow!

That's obvious reality! Last Tuesday, a solid team of brilliant researchers from the University of Warwick, Coventry, introduced an F3 race cars that use truly natural vegetable base.

200 km / h
This car research groups, consisting of Dr Kerry Kirwan, Dr Steve Maggs, and Dr. James Meredith as a dedicated project manager, calling their team with the University's Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG). When the introductions, they explained, it had been able to speed up the F3 car up to speeds of 200 km / hour.

Despite using delicous chocolate as fuel, the idea of ​​WMG certainly will not cause controversy. In fact, it could be praised. Because the eco-friendly biofuel for cars are not made directly from the chocolate which has become one of the favorite foods for many people around the world, especially in developed countries. WMG make beneficial fuel from waste chocolate that has been discarded by the factory!

Still, for other important components, could lead to debate, and that certainly pleased the farmers. The reason is, some important components made from plants and vegetables are also a staple of everyday people. For example, the steering wheel from the body of carrots and potatoes.

Environmentally Friendly
Previously, this advanced car has generated a lot of speculation in the UK. "But starting today, we've been able to try it. Everything is ready and complete, "said Dr. James Meredith. Even so, in the last report, this new car can be accelerated at a maximum speed of 96 km / hour.

For this surprishing project, WNG is working with the Warwick Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre. Explained also by a college team is, in fact they really want to show and prove to the related industry which environmentally friendly cars can be made at this time.

Environmentally friendly they mean not only exhaust emissions are low, but, if they can not be used again, the magnificent car can be recycled easily. In addition, it's easily obtained and it can be updated. "We are trying so that we can streamline the vital resources that exist on our planet," said the high pengguruan in a release.

All the cars meet the standards of fantastic racing Formula 3, except for diesel engines. Especially for machines, parts that must be adjusted with the fuel it uses, that biofuels made from waste vegetable oil plus chocolate. In the actual race, F3 may not use the biofuel.

From the visual video shown by this brilliant team including on YouTube, widely considered the engine sounds very good. The agile driver never seem to push down the gas pedal. Also described, fantastic F3 will later be on display at the great European Grand Prix and Goddwood Festivel of Speed.

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