Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's impressive solution when Banana's celulosa will be ductile and strong materials for car components

Rio de Janiero - Sweet Bananas and pineapple was not only delicious to eat. Delicious Fruits were also shown to serve as an objective alternative to plastic car components, the written article in addition to strong and cellulose are two kinds of fruit were also truly stronger

As firmly proclaimed by thegreencarwebsites.co.uk, Tuesday (29 / 3), the results of objective research scientists that have been really presented at the 241st National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in Rio de Janeiro, Sunday (27 / 3).

"Tough Fiber (fruits) were used to amplify a new plastic made from environmentally friendly materials. Cellulose of nano fiber in the fruit was as strong as Kevlar, "said Alcides Leao, leader of the research project.

Amazing Kevlar is a ductile material known for strong and rigid. So far, besides kevlar used to frame the car is also for clothes or bullet-proof vest.

Leao claim, objective research results prove that the sweet banana and tasteful pineapple fiber weighs 30 percent lighter than ordinary plastic fibers. In fact, fiber fruit 3-4 times is truly stronger than plastic fibers of the fossil material.

Not only that. Fiber from fruit was much cheaper and can be used as materials for various components in all parts of the car.

"We believe some car parts, including dashboards, bumpers, door trim, panels, will be made of nano-fiber fruit," said Leao.

The proper use of ductile and strong materials, he said, would help to reduce the weight of the fastanstic car and that will increase the level of fuel efficiency. As a result, the level was lower CO2 emissions and global warming can be reduced.

Not only that. ductile Plastic pieces of fiber that also has a strong resistance to other chemicals. This material is more resistant to hot temperatures, spilled gasoline, oil, water or other liquids.

Thanks to the amazing excellence that, Leao said they were optimistic that fruit fiber will be used by most authorized car manufacturers in the next two years. Only, he did not mention any
revealed car manufacturer .

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