Monday, March 28, 2011

It's great inovation! Changing Heat Muffler to be electric

Powerful General Motors recieved a huge grant from the authorized Government of the United States, now it boost to develop dinamic automotive technologies for the more fuel-efficient consumption. One of the advanced technologies that are exactly still developed in the research and being expected to be used commercially is to change the exhaust heat of muffers into electricity.

Furthermore, abundant energy can be really stored or used directly for amazing hybrid cars. Even it is still using on conventional engine cars, it is used directly as a great source of power to operate the audio, air conditioning and other equipment.

When this abundant heat is wasted through engine of exhaust just left and not been widely used. Which it is considered as the most practical way to be possibly produced commercially and are turning it into electrical energy.

The accurate method is to use a mixture of metal (alloy), which was called "shape memory alloy" (SMA). Hopefully, this brilliant concept immediately headed to the prototype stage that can generate beneficial electricity.

How is that strong metal can convert beneficial heat into electricity? "When the SMA wires heated, there was expansion. When it is cool (cool with air blow), stiffness and reduced cable back into shape, "said January Aase, Director of the GM Vehicle Development Research Laboratory. "Furthermore, the cable reels are physically changing the used drive electric generators and it can be really used for filling the battery," added Jan.
He further pointed out that the generated electric power can be used as a source of driving a hybrid car. Even it is for a conventional engine - motor fuel - used as a replacement alternator. Thus, to obtain power no longer need to charge produced power of strong machine.

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