Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's better you know about How to Make Easy your powerful Car Turbo durable

The fast and powerful car that has turbo-equipped devices do have greater running performance than the usual car without these more complete devices. one of advantages is more powerful.

Only, the frequent use of these more complete devices also need special treatment. Understandably, the task is not too mild for turbo to work. "Work is hard turbo. Therefore there should be special treatment for elegant cars that use this device, "

The working principle is that devices, with a strong push air into the engine to increase the number of oxygen molecules that enter the complicated cylinder for continous combustion in the engine completely so that it will be increasing engine power.

Turbo utilize exhaust gas flow from the engine to turn turbines, which continues round to the air compressor. The turbine is rotated up to 150 thousand rounds per minute (rpm). The amount is equivalent to 30 times the spin machine is not equipped turbo car.

But that big round will not be exactly achieved when the powerful turbo problems. In fact, the continous process of combustion air and fuel in the combustion chamber also works imperfect as expected.

What treatment is right?

1. Note the regular oil change schedule

Basically the car engine maintenance turbo equipped devices are no different from non-turbo car. Only, powerful turbo car is strongly recommended to change the oil before the replacement arrives.

"For example, if a car without turbo is advisable to change liquid oil after traveling 5,000 kilometers, the powerful car with a turbo 4,000 kilometers,"

One thing to remember is, do not change the oil with any other brand. That is, standard use for the oil in accordance with manufacturer manual guidance.

Oil change needs to be done more quickly, the article of turbo is hard work. Devices that have to spend extra energy to fight back pressure from exhaust air.

When the turbo is sluggish, it will quickly occur turbo lag, ie the turbo can not deliver additional power immediately when the gas is pressed or a new turbo work on a certain engine speed. This phenomenon is often the case, and a distinctive character of the turbo.

"Hence, the car manufacturer offers a twin turbo or super turbo, but when the powerful turbo is sluggish at high rpm of engine power was not different with non-turbo car,"

In addition, with the good oil lubrication in the turbo components also will exactly work well.

2. Regular Service

Service in question here does not necessarily mean great service, but it's also simple service ie starting from the check and tune up the existing components. It needs to be done considering the role and duty turbo quite heavy.

Some signs of trouble among other turbo oil leaks, noise, and vibration in the car that was unusual. If the problems in turbo not immediately repaired, the machine will not get the extra power, because the air pressure into the combustion chamber is also not optimal.

However, one thing should be remembered not just any shop that does not use the services of specialized repair turbo. The reason is, when an error occurs then the result is precisely the handling of the turbo not functioning optimally.

3. Pre-heat the engine before the car runs

Currently, car manufacturers have complementary devices in the car turbo of their car products with adjusters technology so that cars are capable of adapting to existing conditions. Thanks to this technology, users no longer need a car when the car heats will be used.

So even when the car is finished tools and machines will be turned off, the driver also did not have to let the engine idle or let the engine was still burning some time before it is turned off. "But as a precaution for turbo remain durable, we recommend conservative rituals that remain to be done,"

Because, with the engine warm up the engine oil will reach the optimal working temperature when the driver stepped on the gas pedal in a device-in to activate it. Meanwhile, by letting the engine running for a while (idle) before it is turned off allowing the oil keep flowing.

When the machine suddenly turned off, the oil flow to the turbo engine also stopped abruptly. In fact, at the same time still active turbo spinning at high speed. As a result of bearing will be injured.

"Once again, the steps that must be done to turbo durable, especially for turbo technology that has not completed the adjuster,"

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