Monday, March 28, 2011

INIZIO's "Super Crazy Fast" Electric Cars are produced by Li-ion Motors running on Distance Up to 250mil

Official List of high performance for all of truly expensive electric sports car definitely continues to grow. The newest is fantastic INIZIO from amazing Motors Li-ion, which is exactly located in North Carolina. The authorized company recently won the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE in Side-by-Side Alternative Classes with impressive electric vehicle company Wave II.

The elegant INIZIO is powered by a continously rechargeable Li-ion Motors' lithium-ion battery providing more than 40 kilowatts of energy on-board, it's available to be able to increase until 96.7 kilowatts. With an optional package of extreme performance motor revealed, powerful electric motor can provide up to 207 horsepower and it realibly allows the supercar to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds. it's truly for Max speed of 170 mph.

And most impressive thing is the mileage to 250 miles, with a full charge that obtains at least 8 hours using a standard 220 volt outlet. official INIZIO owners can exactly expect a battery life of more than 2500 full charges.INIZIO has exclusive management systems and advanced batteries. Connected to the central data of Motors Li-ion ', a complicated system of remote diagnostic system proactively monitor and diagnose these INIZIO. If there is a problem, both the driver and Motor Li-ion will be notified by an "A dash-mounted LCD touch screen" that displays the remaining power, the battery temperature, power consumption, driving time and distance driven. It also can help drivers navigate to the choice of the nearest filling station.

Like the Wave II, the powerful Li-ion batteries are designed for the truly best aerodynamic efficiency. Those provide an optimum wing moves back down style and They are combined with the back hills that are embedded in the body directing the flow of air to reduce wind noise and drag. Those are Sleek exterior features of smooth and rounded edges, high intensity halogen lamp, and those are a removable hard top.

While the interesting section is close to the ground, this fast supercar can accommodate even NBA basketball player, good kind of monied buyers are target for Li-ion Motors. Access through door-style scissors rotates 90 degrees. A hydraulic elevator system lifts a car in three inches for easier entry and exit. The driver and passenger were treated to full power, regulated and suede Recaro leather seats with heating and cooling is good. Because the car showing the impression of low profile, side and rear view mirror is combined with high-definition cameras to provide 360-degree view around the car.

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