Monday, March 28, 2011

I don't know what I should say? Fantastic and Brilliant Ideas for using Flying Windmills Alternative Energy

Is wind-power energy probably difficult to be directly implemented for batteries of electric cars due to huge electric energy resulted by wind? However, I believe that sooner or later, outstanding engineers will think of conversing huge electricity of wind into proportional electricity for automotive. I am waiting for this. I am so glad for all progress of global technology! Let's talk about windmill!

Probably You have ever seen or heard about the windmill / wind turbine in the fields of wheat in Europe, in the pages of the home, or in the ocean, but now wind power engineers are trying to bring it to an altitude windmills 15000-30000 feets in the air . Taking advantage of 1% of jet-stream wind energy, enough energy can be created advantageously for mankind on earth.

Farm Windmills on the Air

Sky WindPower as energy company based in San Diego is building a Flying Electric Generator like a kite weighing 1100 pounds, which it can produce electricity at a very low cost of just 2 cents (dollar) per kilowatt hour (kwh) and it was flown at an altitude of 15,000 and 30,000 feet . Four rotors at points-shaped frame of the letter "H" wbeing able to carry his platform floating in the air like a kite. Electricity created by the rotor-spinning rotor that was sent to earth through aluminum cables tethered to his frame.

Sky WindPower, Flying Farm, Flying Electric Generator

Sky WindPower hopes someday to build a windmill farm to fly.Proposal nicknamed FEGs (Flying Electric Generators) will menmpati airspace area of 200 square miles. Turbines are made of aircraft materials consist of rotor-rotor diameter of 130 feet and weighs 45,000 pounds. FEGs it will function like a helicopter while flying, powered from the earth station until then began to collect wind energy. Vertical stabilizer on FEGs will adjust the rotor at different angles to balance its platform and optimize the speed of the wind.

Helium Balloons Producing Electricity

Cannadian company, Magenn Power has built Magen Power Air Rotor System (MARS), a helium balloon that contains a rotating wind generator on a horizontal axis and sends an electric current through a cable that can be directly utilized, stored in a battery, or passed to electric transmission lines. MARS flown at lower than FEGs, between 600-1000 feet, and works at speeds from 4 mph to more than 60 mph (miles per hour).

Kite Producing Electricity

Another idea came from Dr. Wubbo Ockels of the Delft University of Technology in (Netherlands).

This technology is very promising where the materials used are not expensive and its potential to create a very large energy, much less known that the strength of winds at a height in the air hundreds of times more powerful than on the mainland. These kites produce power by pulling a generator at the earth station, which rolls back a collection of the kite when it reaches its maximum height. Also unlike the land windmill, this technology also does not need large area to be operated.

This fantastic kite has an area of 10 square meters and it is capable of generating electricity through a generator of 10 kilowatts (enough for 10 homes). And it is currently being developed in experiments with 50 kilowatt kite and a kite-powered line of 100 megawatt-called "Laddermill" . exploiting that very huge electricity is expected to supply energy to 100,000 homes!
Kite is linked to be lined and it plays in a loop which it creates energy and electrical currents created are sent to earth via a cable along 30,000 feet.

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