Monday, March 28, 2011

Fantastic KIA are brave to joint better class to enter supercar

South Korean carmaker, impressive Kia are ready to start a new chapter. KIA is not previously known as a productive manufacturer of sports cars will soon go into this competitive segment.

talentive KIA European CEO, Paul Philpott affirms that the powerful construction of two-seat car will become the preferred choice and the possibility for Maxda MX-5 will be the mecca of Kia in building this car.

"In 2011 and 2012 we will build the recongnized brand. But for 2013 and 2014, we exactly think of the new interesting model can be applied to the front," he added.

On the other qualified chief designer of Peter Schreyer MCH also supports to have a certain car-making and this is roadster. "Brands can have a sporty car like a roadster," he said.

Philpott also revealed that MCH step in building a roadster class is intended to distinguish between amazing KIA and terrific Hyundai who are siblings.

"There is a great program happening now. How is the best way to differentiate the amazing Hyundai and wonderful Kia? In the past, we were too close together, but if KIA is fun, dynamic and younger, Hyundai is more about style and comfort, more upscale. VW really manages official brands more effectively than most. If you think more like a VW Hyundai, Kia more like SEAT, "he explained.

In addition to building a roadster, is currently KIA also considering to make a 4x4 SUV which is intended to be a sister Sportage. "We're seeing the market for small SUVs are four-wheel drive," lid Philpott.

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