Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Due to nations of Arabic Middle turmoil is recently spreading, F1 Racing Season Opener 2011 in Bahrain, it is doubtfully Continued

Manama - increasingly Violence Increases in the crowded streets of the kingdom of Bahrain raised doubts that Formula One racing competition will really continue to go, given the GP2 Asia at the end of this week have been officially canceled on Thursday night after the bloody violence.

At least three people were killed and more than 200 people were reportedly truly injured in the capital city of Bahrain, Manama. Victim fell after police tried to clean the streets from anti-government protesters.

It is obviously seen that the conquering rulers of Bahrain hopes fracture wave of protests by police with gunfire and hurling tear gas to control the fluctuated city and quell public protests.

Internet access is also reported to happen late or even blocked altogether at some point. The action is considered an effort to control anti-government stance.

"It's really not good is not it?" smiling Bernie Ecclestone said on Thursday (17 / 2). "We must continue to monitor closely and make quick decisions," he said

"I spoke with Crown Prince this clouded morning. He does not know anything than you or me, but they certainly continue to monitor what happens. We may soon make a quick decision no later than Tuesday or Wednesday next week," he said.

"If the unpredictable situation continues like today, the answer is no. If the unpredicted conditions are no better and calm until Wednesday, then sya thought, might be canceled," added Ecclestone.

If it will be canceled, the Bahrain can not host a prestigious grand prix racing earlier in the season opener that will be held at the challanging circuit, Shakir. But the unwanted cancellation at the end is not really a commercial disaster, at least for F1.

Wealthy Bahrain, according to the official agreement, it is responsible for paying Eccleston, chief executive of Formula One Management, approximately 40 million, plus 20 million dollars more for the rare opportunity to hold a season-opening race of 2011. So in a cancellation clause in the contract, the FOM is not going to lose money.

Although the cancellation or rescheduling will not be too difficult, but F1 boss it will be difficult to determine the new location as a smooth venue for the exciting season opener.

It is also very difficult to ensure a new date to remember the season has been packed in a very crowded schedule of 20 exciting races.

An official statement issued from the operation of Bahrain Grand Prix, said they were still optimistic that the race will go on.

"The stable safety of all citizens of Bahrain, foreign nationals and foreign visitors is a ultimate priority in the Kingdom and also in the Bahrain International Circuit," said ceo race track, Shaikh Salman bin Isa Al Khalifa.

"Our primary focus is still trying to organize a truly successful event and we continue to monitor the flactuated situation very closely, along with associations and relevant authorities," he said.

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