Thursday, March 31, 2011

Are your gree about Volvo Hibrid Diesel is better than Hybrid or Diesel only

Volvo claims that its new vehicle is a dream for drivers who want a low emission, fuel-efficient cars as well as solid performance.

Vehicle plug-in hybrid diesel that will appear at Geneva Motor Show in virtual. Latest Products Volvo V60 was ready to be produced and sold from 2012.

Emission is less than 50g/km and according to Volvo that Volvo will give the best ofelectric and diesel vehicles. " The reason, the vehicle fuel is efficient and it is low emissions, but vehicle still have much mileage as well as the ability is ok.

When immediately pressing the button, the driver will be given the choice of energy used and the power exploited with the distance 32 miles or "hybrid having high efficiency with 49g/km for CO2 emissions."

Another option is "0 - 62 miles per hour acceleration in 6.9 seconds and 324-plus-147 pounds ft of torque with output- 215-plus-70 horsepower.

V60's front wheel is driven by a 2.4 liter of 5 cylinder of D5 turbodiesel which it produces 215 horsepower with maximum torque of 324lb ft.

Rear axle is equipped by ERAD (electric-powered rear axle) which it has the power of 70 horsepower. Power is supplied by a lithium-ion battery of 12kWh.

Volvo V60 using a six automatic speed level.

Three buttons are available on the instrument panel to choose the driver; "Pure", "Hybrid" and "Power".

The interaction is between diesel engines and electric power control system is handled electronically.

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