Wednesday, March 30, 2011

8 Most Amazing Car Manufacturers in the Wonderful World and do your own car have one of 8 great car brands?

New York - CNN Money and Fortune magazines, on Exciting Wednesday (30 / 3), officially announced the 50 most amazing universal companies of 2011. The great company is a very beneficial business unit engaged in various promising fields or sectors and it spread to truly different parts of the earth.

As firmly reported by and today, the two medias pointed out that in the automotive industry, great automobile manufacturers from Germany, Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) ranked number one.

"Meanwhile, fantastic Volkswagen (VW) and magnificient Daimler (Mercedes) respectively in the order of two and three," the statement said.

BMW is in the order 19 of the 50 companies most admired by the second survey determined that media. The next position is located far above the amazing Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota), Volkswagen AG and Honda Motor Company (Honda).

Interestingly, some outstanding car manufacturers come up, the complete and comprehensive survey ranks the top manufacturers from Japan's. They are the Hyundai Motor Corporation, Honda Motor Company, and Ford Motor Company.

So what about the scores they earn? The following reliable data from CNN Money and Fortune magazines.

No Brand Score
1. BMW 6.88
2. VW AG 5.33
3. Daimler AG 4.83
4. Hyundai Motor Corp. 4.68
5. Honda Motor Company 4.37
6. Ford Company 4.36
7. Toyota Motor Corporation 4.26
8. Nissan Motor Company 3.86

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