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Ducati Diavel now in diamond black

Ducati have recently announced the Ducati Diavel will be available in a new diamond black with black frame together wit ha black anodised headlamp body and lateral air intakes.Ducati DIAVEL in Diamond BlackThe new colour is already in production and will be available in February next year (2011).Ride safe.Jon BoothEmail: http://bestmotorstyle2011.



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Yamaha vixion 2009 sportbike Specification :

front rims variations honda tiger REVO
Background variation honda tiger REVO rims
Body similar to the motor is made Ducati monster
Swing arm waste MOGE(big motorcycles)
Racing exhaust|muffler
Upside down modification
Self-made fairing (costum)
Front tire size 110/70 Swallow Deli Tire
Rear tire size 140/70 Swallow Deli Tire
body color red and black
Head lamp using Suzuki Satria fu

Rosso Mandello and Tenni for America

Moge Rosso Mandello and Tenni for America this news information motorcycle, Moto Guzzi motorcycle new Griso 8V SE. The price is USD 130.9 million and presented in two colors, green or Rosso Mandello Tenni combined with a black machine. It looks so macho leather upholstery combined with the wheels with wheels Pirelli Scorpion tires wrapped BER. The system relies on the rate freeze Brembo with radial P4/34 calipers, while cakram measuring 320 mm.
Rosso Mandello and Tenni for America
Moto Guzzi valor is increasingly felt that the engine "Quattrovalvole"which is the latest incarnation has a torque of 113Nm at 5800 rpm or greater than the previous version which only 108Nm at 6400 rpm. This increase comes after improvements made on the cam, fuel injection systems, and an enlarged cooling system. Interestingly, exhaust design model of two-into-one (two live together) and the edges are very large. Uniquely, the position of the merging of the two exhaust pipes located under the left leg.

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Honda Supra X 125 R CW

Here is one of Supra X 125 series, that's all right,it's Honda Supra X 125 R CW. Honda Supra X 125 series has more than one series, they are Supra X 125 D, Supra X 125 R (cw) and also Honda Supra X 125 pgm-fi (injection). So.. first.. let see about Honda Supra X 125 R CW with no injection technology series. Honda Supra X 125R CW is 125cc of engine displacement and also 4 stroke, SOHC and air cooling system motorcycles from Honda. For more safety riding, Honda has included the dual disk brakes system on Supra X 125 R CW series, one on the front and another on the back side. Today, Supra X 125 has more colors available, if I look it more closed, the design is great and almost perfect for underbone series under 150cc. Supra X 125 series is one of most popular motorcycle from Honda.  
Supra X 125

Honda Supra X 125 R CW Specs :
Length X width X height: 1889 x 702 x 1094 mm
Wheelbase: 1242 mm
Lowest distance to the ground: 138 mm
Empty weight: 105kg / 103 (Type Spoke)
Type of order: The backbone
Type front suspension: Telescopic
This type of rear suspension: swing arm and dual shock absorbers
Front tire size: 70/90 - 17M / C 38P
Rear tire size: 80/90 - 17M / C 44P
Supra X 125 R
Brakes front: double-piston disc
Rear brake: disc single piston / Tromol (Type Spoke) <- good !!
Fuel tank capacity: 3.7 liters
Engine type: 4 stroke, SOHC, air cooling
Diameter x measures: 52.4 x 57.9 mm
Volume measures: 124.8 cc
Comparison of compression: 9.0: 1
Maximum power: 9.3 PS / 7500 rpm <- enough for daily ride
Maximum Torque: 1.03 kgf.m / 4000 rpm
Engine lubricating oil capacity: 0.7 liter in the periodic replacement
Auto Clutch: Automatic centrifugal
Dental transmission: Speed fixed mesh
Pattern transfer gear: N-1-2-3-4-N (rotary)
Starter: Pedal and electric
Battery: 12 V - 3.5 Ah
Spark plugs: ND U20EPR9 / NGK CPR6EA-9
Ignition System: carburator - DC CDI
(reference and translated from: astra honda)

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR
kawasaki ninja rr /zx-RR
(Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR MotoGP)

Here is the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR Information:
The Ninja ZX-RR is a race bike from Kawasaki, which was raced in the MotoGP world championship. The bike made its debut towards the end of the 2002 MotoGP season with riders Australia's Andrew Pitt and the Japan's Akira Yanagawa. In 2004, Shinya Nakano joined the team and managed to get ZX-RR's first podium with a third place at the Japanese Grand Prix. In 2005, Olivier Jacque scored a second place at the Chinese Grand Prix. The next year Nakano finished second at the Dutch TT. In 2007, Randy de Puniet scored a second place at the Japanese Grand Prix. In 2008, it was ridden by John Hopkins and Anthony West(pic & reference :wikipedia).


Modifikasi Suzuki Shogun 2002 by Nikki Custom Bike, Virus WJS (West Java Style) continues flowing in Banyumas and surrounding areas. Style dilhami tail streetfighter style crew cut, the more widespread practice. Any material can be formed WJS. No exception Suzuki Shogun 110 of the original duck lie machine, can be constrained crowed WJS style. As Rudi Wicaksono of workshops conducted Nikki Custom Bike, Cilacap.

Working on orders from Fery Hertanto, commonly called Rudi Wicaksono Bendrat must turn the brain because its base is not Shogun motor sport. "A lot of that had to be changed because the order and position it clear duck machine completely different sport," said the shaggy Bendrat this.
Suzuki Shogun 2002 by Nikki Custom Bike
To pursue grim view streetfighter, transsexual step must be done. Shogun stripped Abiz. Order cut, the rest centerbone until komstir and suspension system.

Suzuki Shogun 2002 by Nikki Custom Bike

Finished unloading everything, Bendrat make a new additional order as the gas tank holder. Its construction was not random. Angle and curve of the frame made it also to be reckoned with ripe for the strength to stay awake.

Body design deliberately made a little chubby in the tank which is the development of the Suzuki Bandit. "I design again with a paper carton. Happens, yes like this," added Bendrat from Jl. Cipto, Cilacap.

after tank has been installed live Hornet and other parts adjust. Of course, the stern was a typical tight budget constrained WJS. Style like this make the wheelbase looks a little long. While deltabox installed to fill the void in the living room.

Stay affairs foot, sued builder creativity. "I want to keep using quasi-original on the front, but the look is a bit changed," said Ferry, a resident of Jl. Water Pump, Pesanggrahan, this Cilacap.

Upsss ... Bendrat immediate response. Provision to follow the idea of ancient viruses, namely quasi-ahead to use condoms pipe or fiber. However Bendrat try another container. Airs next remains the original, it's just a cover design made unique headlights. Which connects directly to cover the sides and front of the original self. Bendrat provide space at the bottom for sepatbor can still follow the path up and down tomorrow.

As for legs and back, swing-arm mounted a set of Honda Tiger. Of course, by changing little in order to get into centerbone Shogun. After that stay dikamuflase again with fiberglass. "Inspiration from a swing arm Cagiva Mito," honest.

So anyway!

modification data of Suzuki Shogun 2002 by Nikki Custom Bike:

Front tire: 90/90-17 Swallow
Rear tire: 120/70-17 Swallow
Rims: Sprint
Sok back: Suzuki Satria 120
Handlebars: MFMS
Nikki Custom: 0856-4772-8881

Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR

Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR is better than other bike, you know that kawasaki ninja 150 RR is fastest motorcycles in some country in Asia, this is because "Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR" is two stroke motorcycle, with great performance and beauty looks appears, Kawasaki ninja 150 RR still in the front line up of fastest motorcycles. If you never know about kawasaki ninja 150 rr, this bike is 150cc 2-stroke motorcycles, with one part that can make this bike running more fast !! that's super kips part on kawasaki ninja 150 rr engine.
Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR
I have one funny story about kawasaki ninja 150 RRowner,. He is my brother, He said that if you running on the small cc bike, when you ride it at 80 kmh, you can feel not comfortable, but if you running more than 100 kmh with kawasaki ninja 150 rr, you can't fell anything and still comfortable.. wow.. it's funny ha.. ha.. i can't imaging and feel running on the bike more that 110kmh ...

Yamaha Xeon 125 CC
PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI), Yamaha's sole agent in the country will launch its latest product that is automatic scooter Yamaha Xeon 125 cc May 2010 this. Yamaha will certainly strengthen the scooter segment compared to the other like a review about the Honda Scoopy yesterday. The launch took place

simultaneously in three cities, namely Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali, at the same time using teleconferencing technology. Price Yamaha Xeon dibanderol approximately 15.5 million. Booking this motor can be made online by accessing preparation has been done by the PT Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (YMMI) with the production license type named Xeon 44D dated March 19, 2010. The presence of Xeon 125 cc model which entered the premium segment, complementing the Yamaha scooter product line, in addition to Mio and Mio Soul. "Xeon targeted market segment is different from duo Mio. Xeon product targeting the young consumer who likes performance and speed. We expect to further strengthen the presence Xeon Yamaha domination of the world automatic (motor scooter).

There are several advantages of the Yamaha 125 cc Xeon. Besides stylis, Xeon dilengakpi also excellent feature that is DiAsil Cylinder. The technology serves to keep the engine condition remained stable while driving. In addition, more economical fuel consumption and resistance to friction is greater. Another advantage is that most brand-new generation of piston engines in the range of automatic scooter Yamaha was using forged pistons. "The piston was made by forging process, making it more robust, lightweight and durable.

While in the process of combustion, Xeon equipped throttle position sensor technology. The device serves to set the ignition timing of spark plugs. As a result, the combustion process is also running perfectly. Meanwhile, for setting the temperature to remain stable Xeon equipped with a radiator that uses a liquid coolant. With a series of innovations in engine technology that, then the Yamaha using the tagline extraordinary performance, powerful, sporty, and stylish for the Xeon.

In Thailand, the scooter is named Mio 125 and had just launched earlier this year with a kitchen runway with 124 cc, 4 stroke SOHC, equipped with water cooling system. Even at launch, the duo Yamaha MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo, had carried off to the Land of White Elephants.


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Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is already listed for sale at €2M

The Sesto Elemento concept was conceived as a design study, technology and previewing the styling we might expect to see on the next generation of Lamborghini supercars.A few months back, shortly after it was revealed at the Paris Motor Show, reports began to become apparent suggesting that the Italian automaker could put it into production, however limited.

Now the car is listed for sale by an exotic car dealership in Germany. Although the reported original listing on the online marketplace is no longer there to be found, it is still up on Auto Salon Singen's website with an approximately €2 million ($2.63M USD) list price – €1.9m before tax, €2.3m after.


suzuki titan 115cc

Suzuki Titan photographed at the Prambanan Temple Complex. Suzuki's sales target of 150,000 until the end of the year. The launch for the general public will be held on May 25, 2010 mendatang.Selain has a design inspired from moge GSX-R, Suzuki Titan is a marriage than the previous generation motorcycle and the Suzuki Shogun digantikannya.model cantik suzuki titanModel Smash the beautiful posing with Suzuki Titan. Suzuki Smash stops its action after enliven the streets for eight years. Suzuki Smash stopping by FK 110 code and replace it with a double wing Titan.Desain moge inspired GSX-R. speedo meter suzuki titanSuzuki Titan may be a marriage of the previous generation motorcycle and the Suzuki Shogun digantikannya.Desain Smash the speedometer is equipped with a gear low enough position.Desain any motor that adjusts the posture of Indonesia. susuki titanSeat approximately 755 mm high from the ground to make the body comfortable enough 'nyemplak' this bike.
moge desain suzuki


yamaha byson motorsportyamaha byson full body wallpaper
Yamaha's latest sport bike. Named Byson, this bike will be launched after Hari Raya Idul Fitri later. Although not yet launched, Yamaha has opened a special ordering as many as 200 people. Gambot body style brings street fighter, Byson will fight with the Honda motor The Real Street Fighter, New Mega Pro which already carries the design, order and a new engine in two-wheel motorcycle market. But unfortunately, the tap pivot for Yamaha Byson before the official launch was not able to be enjoyed by all Yamaha customers in parts of Indonesia, but only for customers in Jakarta and its satellite cities around it. Only, when the V-Ixion was brought pengabutannya injection technology in the system, Byson will likely be downgraded and will only use the carburetor. Motor that will accompany the Scorpio V-Ixion and a refreshed 153 cc engine with the same platform with other Yamaha sport bike, the V-Ixion.

yamaha byson 153cc facelift 2010rear wheels yamaha byson

yamaha byson wallpaper
speedo meter yamaha


wallpaper honda megapro 2010wallpaper honda new megapro 2010
Japanese motor manufacturer Honda's origin was secretly Mega Pro has released the latest version of New Honda Mega Pro 2010. With a design that was more manly to make Mega Pro is quickly sought by lovers moge (big motor). Although the party has not officially announced the price honda honda new mega pro, there's just a new motorcycle collector immediately ordered it. Like what honda specs of this new mega-pro? kok seems highly awaited by the Indonesian honda motorcycle enthusiasts.
See photographs / pictures of New Honda Mega Pro above, how do you think? not brave, just imagine if you were sitting in joknya sure you will look more.

gambar honda new megapro 2010gambar honda new megapro 2010
Moreover, the light display from the front side (front) New Mega Pro is ilear lens, cowl, multirelfector also a sopistikate Visor so making body mega pro honda motorcycles latest looks luxurious. Trend mono shock that loved by the teenagers nowadays have also owned by Honda's latest mega-pro, so Honda's New Mega Pro this time is also suitable for young children this stylist.Kali more than carrying the manufacturer honda motor desian luxurious, handsome and well stylist . New Honda Mega Pro is designed with more emphasis on comfort and safety, as evidenced by an ergonomic design for a dirancah handlebar positions will create a separate for drivers and reduce fatigue during long trips.

spesifikasi honda new megapro 2010

spesifikasi honda new megapro 2010

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Best Motor Cycle Modification for New Years 2011

Best Motor Cycle Modification for New Years 2011

Best Motor Cycle Modification for New Years 2011

Best Motor Cycle Modification for New Years 2011

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 Honda CB300
Fri Well, ... sportz bike segment is very different than a duck or a scooter segment ...! This majority segment customers are men ... and when the average price of Rp. 19-20 jeti saza ... of course the consumer mindset of men is clear ...! If numpak ... its so added guanteeeng bikerz ... so add an alias machooo eat chombruooo .... ! Some hi-tech happy or speed freak ... but the consumer is very rationalist ...!
 Honda CB300 Back matter ... mindset of consumers who want added guanteeeng ... Brad Pitt ... baaak emitted to the form and design ...! Naaagh flair here ... in poured manufacturer Yamaha Yamaha Byson ... to capture the male consumer mindset ... who want to add guanteeeng ...! To capture the mindset of consumers who seneng hi-tech manufacturer Yamaha gelontor ... ... Yamaha V-Ixion ...! Honda issued a New megapro ... hope embracing various objective ... like the look, keiritan, responsive ...! Unfortunately aza ... not focus ... especially design problems ... !!! Anyway,. . Squire Rondo tried to think what it is ... by reading the consumer mindset ...! Understand the consumer ... only be done ... with 'uleeeng' alias interact with customers ... from day to day ...! Behind lageee, ... this design problem has a high enough weight ... no wonder the queue Yamaha Byson so long ... even his info nyampe 3 months ....! Relatives Squire Rondo aza ... the promised early December 2010 ... with a special track Squire Rondo ... sampeee now also not yet dapeeet ... .!!! Honda CB300
So ... this is because of design ... that 'voodoo' consumer motor sportz Indonesia ...! Squire Rondo ever convey ... that could silence the guns that are models of the Honda CB300 Yamaha ...! Once you know the model ... lageee plek-plek ... issues would be installed 150cc enginenya kek .... 200cc kek .... 250cc kek .... consumers do not care ...! Consumers happy ... great tire size model ... model ... model tail lights ... so plek-plek casing ...!  Honda CB300
Manufacturers Honda should not have a headache ... want to make ngelawan Suzuki ... 250 GW could be opposed by Honda CB250 for example ... the Yamaha Byson can make ngelawan dikeluarin Honda CB150 ...! The difference was just the engine ... as Ducati Monster 696 with Ducati Monster 1100 ...! From the product ngeluarin 'bear' life cycle is shorter timenya so ...! Lha different engine holder mas 3 ...? Yaaagh engineers ... it was his business to design engines that go into the holder ... lha wong manufacturer Ducati aza kok ... why can not Honda thooo ... ... yes?

Honda CB300 fairing

Honda CB300 fairing
Honda CB300 fairing
Honda CB300 fairing
Honda CB300 fairing
Honda CB300 fairing
Honda CB300 fairing
Well, .. many questions ... how shape fairing Honda CB300 ... yaaagh monggo aza seen ...! Monggo also if mengcompare ... with Honda CBR250R ... but anyway, ... models like the two blades ... a happy naked bikez can choose a naked ... ... a happy bikez pake fairing fairing can choose your

Oldsmobile Aerotech Concept, 1988

Oldsmobile Aerotech Concept, 1988

Oldsmobile Aerotech Concept, 1988

Mini Cooper S, 1968

Mini Cooper S, 1968


The Mini is a small car that was produced by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) and its successors from 1959 to 2000. The most popular British-made car, it has since been replaced by the New MINI which was launched in 2001. The original is considered an icon of the 1960s, and its space-saving front-wheel-drive layout influenced a generation of car-makers. In the international poll for the award of the world's most influential car of the twentieth century the Mini came second after the Ford Model T.

The revolutionary and distinctive two-door car was designed for BMC by Sir Alec Issigonis (1906–88). It was manufactured at the Longbridge and Cowley plants in the United Kingdom, and later in Australia, Belgium, Chile, Italy, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela and Yugoslavia. The Mini Mk I had three major updates: The Mk II, the Clubman, and the Mk III, within which were a series of variations including an estate car, a pickup truck, a van, and the Mini Moke — a jeep-like buggy. The Mini Cooper and Cooper "S" were sportier versions that were successful as rally cars — winning the Monte Carlo Rally three times.

Design and development

Designed as project ADO15 (Austin Drawing Office project number 15), the Mini came about because of a fuel crisis. In 1956 as a result of the Suez Crisis, which reduced oil supplies, the United Kingdom saw the re-introduction of petrol rationing. Sales of large cars slumped, and there was a boom in the market for so called bubble cars, which were mainly German in origin. Leonard Lord, the somewhat autocratic head of BMC, decreed that something had to be done and quickly. He laid down some basic design requirements: the car should be contained within a box that measured 10 × 4 × 4 feet (3 × 1.2 × 1.2 m); and the passenger accommodation should occupy six feet (1.8 m) of the 10 foot (3 m) length; and the engine, for reasons of cost, should be an existing unit. Issigonis, who had been working for Alvis, had been recruited back to BMC in 1955 and, with his skills in designing small cars, was a natural for the task. The team that designed the Mini was remarkably small; as well as Issigonis, there was Jack Daniels, who had worked with him on the Morris Minor, Chris Kingham, who had been with him at Alvis, two engineering students and four draughtsmen. Together, by October 1957 they had designed and built the original prototype, which was affectionately named 'The Orange Box' because of its colour.

The ADO15 used a conventional BMC A-Series four-cylinder water-cooled engine, but departed from tradition by having it mounted transversely, placing the engine oil lubricated, four-speed transmission in the sump, and by employing front-wheel drive. Almost all small front-wheel-drive cars developed since the 1970s have used a similar configuration. The radiator was mounted at the left side of the car so that the engine-mounted fan could be retained, but with reversed pitch so it blew air into the natural low pressure area under the front wing. This location saved precious vehicle length, but had the disadvantage of feeding the radiator with air that had been heated by passing over the engine.

The suspension system, designed by Alex Moulton at Moulton Developments Limited, used compact rubber cones instead of conventional springs — this led to a rather raw and bumpy ride, but this rigidity, together with the wheels being pushed out to the corners of the car, gave the car its famous go kart-like handling. It was initially planned to use an interconnected fluid system, similar to the one which Issigonis and Moulton were working on in the mid-1950s at Alvis, but the short development time of the car meant this would not be ready in time for the launch. The system intended for the Mini was further developed to become the hydrolastic system and was first used on the Austin 1100 (launched in 1962). Ten-inch wheels were specified, so new tyres needed to be developed — with the initial contract going to Dunlop.

The car was designed with sliding windows in the doors, thus allowing for storage pockets to be fitted in the space where a winding window mechanism would have been. Issigonis is said to have sized the resulting storage bins to take a bottle of his favourite Gordon's Gin. The boot lid was designed with the hinges at the bottom so that the car could be driven with it open to increase luggage space. On early cars the number plate was hinged so it dropped down to remain visible when the boot lid was open.

To keep manual labour costs low, the car was designed with quirky welded seams that are visible on the outside of the car running down the A and C pillars and between the body and the floor pan. To further simplify construction, the car had external door and boot hinges.
The Mini Cooper and Cooper S – 1961–2000
Issigonis' friend John Cooper, owner of the Cooper Car Company, designer and builder of Formula 1 and rally cars, saw the potential of the Mini. Issigonis was initially reluctant to see the Mini in the role of a performance car - but after John Cooper appealed to BMC management, the two men collaborated to create the Mini Cooper. The Austin Mini Cooper and Morris Mini Cooper debuted in 1961.

The original 848 cc engine from the Morris Mini-Minor was increased to 997 cc, boosting power from 34 bhp to 55 bhp (25 to 41 kW). The car featured a racing-tuned engine, double SU carburettors, close-ratio gearbox and front disc brakes, uncommon at the time in a small car. One thousand units of this iteration were commissioned by management, intended for and designed to meet the homologation rules of Group 2 rally racing. The 997 cc engine was replaced by a shorter stroke 998 cc unit in 1964.

A more powerful Mini Cooper, dubbed the "S", was developed in tandem and released in 1963. Featuring a 1071 cc engine and larger servo-assisted disc brakes, 4,030 Cooper S cars were produced and sold until the model was updated in August 1964. Cooper also produced two models specifically for circuit racing, rated at 970 cc and a 1275 cc, both of which were also offered to the public. The smaller-engine model was not well received, and only 963 were built until the model was discontinued in 1965. The 1275 cc Cooper S models were discontinued in 1971.

The Mini Cooper S earned acclaim with Monte Carlo Rally victories in 1964, 1965, and 1967. Minis were initially placed first, second and third in the 1966 rally as well, but were disqualified after a controversial decision by the French judges. The disqualification related to the use of a variable resistance headlamp dimming circuit in place of a dual-filament lamp. It should be noted that the Citroën DS that was eventually awarded first place had illegal white headlamps but escaped disqualification. The driver of the Citroën, Pauli Toivonen, was reluctant to accept the trophy and vowed that he would never race for Citroën again. BMC probably received more publicity from the disqualification than they would have gained from a victory - but had the Mini not been disqualified, it would have been the only car in history to be placed amongst the Monte Carlo winners for six consecutive years.

In 1971 the Mini Cooper design was licensed in Italy by Innocenti and in 1973 to Spain by Authi (Automoviles de Turismo Hispano-Ingleses), which began to produce the Innocenti Mini Cooper 1300 and the Authi Mini Cooper 1300, respectively.

A new Mini Cooper named the RSP (Rover Special Products) was briefly relaunched in 1990 to 1991, with slightly lower performance than the 1960s Cooper. It proved so popular that the new Cooper-marked Mini went into full production in late 1991. From 1992 Coopers were fitted with a fuel-injected version of the 1275 cc engine, and in 1997 a multi-point fuel injected engine was introduced, along with a front-mounted radiator and various safety improvements.

Sport Car

If you are a type of person who likes exotic high speed sports car, then you should prepare to spend a lot of money on gasoline. Sports cars are known to have large engines to achieve high amounts of speed. Having large engines mean that it will also consume large amounts of fuel

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Top 5 Motorcycle Trike Pictures for 2010

The top 5 motorcycle trike pictures were picked from pictures submitted to Motorcycle Views in 2010.The pictures were chosen for a variety of reasons. I looked at each picture, read each description, and picked those pictures that held my interest.Check out the Top 5 Motorcycle Trike Pictures for 2010.

Polar Bear Grand Tour Run to Schoch's Harley-Davidson on Dec.19, 2010

Check out pictures and videos of the eighth motorcycle run of the Polar Bear Grand Tour season to Schoch's Harley-Davidson on December 19, 2010.

Triumph Recalls 2010 GT and ST Motorcycles for Incorrect Dipstick Length

Triumph is recalling certain model year 2010 GT and ST motorcycles.The plug/dipstick is of an incorrect length. As a result, the accuracy of the dipstick for measuring adequate levels of oil may be compromised and adequate oil levels may not be maintained.The number of units affected is 216.Check out my Motorcycle Recalls feature for more details.

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2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 Sportbike

2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 Front Angle View2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 Front Angle View

2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 Front Light2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 Front Light

2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 First Image2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 First Image

2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 Unveiled2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 Unveiled

2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 Motorcycle2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 Motorcycle

2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 Pictures2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 Pictures

2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 Supersport Bike2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 Supersport Bike

2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 Exhaust and Wheel2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 Exhaust and Wheel

2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 Rear Angle View2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 Rear Angle View

2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920

2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 Photos2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 Photos

2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 Engine View2011 MV Agusta Brutale 920 Engine View