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LHK as players shake MIO, NOUVO & MOTHAI always rely on other components BOLT ON. They make the front Upside down Shock, Shock Money Back, BODY KIT, carpet MIO, bolts & ACCESSORIES color anodize.

Simple but nice views biayanyapun to think big modif like this, OMC is often a motor like this, because the concept of the OMC is offered daily use, good views, and not expensive MIO MODIFICATION.

Saturday, April 25, 2009



Kawasaki Ninja - a radical modification of the neat and steady for oprasional.

"It looks expensive bgt, whereas if we'd be dibandingin more than Japan should modif motor, lots of crazy modif the price exceeds the price of Aprilia. but cuman doang models which all have the Aprilia Mito.Upside or down, gedhe tires, etc.. "- by Girifumi

Create crazy bro modif Girifumi assumption may be a bit much to make them mengerinyitkan forehead. But for most bikers, especially for bikers who think economically and bikers that prioritizing originality factor may very Girifumi bro assumption is correct.

Cost Factor

An example is the owner of Honda Tiger Revo (nyari safe mode-on), regardless of the cost of the average motorcycle owner modification goal was not far from the model SP NSR, Aprilia or Cagiva Mito. Even beyond the standard may modify them by replacing the light front leg into the foot upside down, the rear suspension to monshock to buy parts like fuel tank parts and the rear panel. Finally, after the modification with the cost of not less be a motor Tiger Revo is a bit like Aprilia, or SP with oddities here and there. The most severe is a radical modification of saving package style, intended to make cost savings, it is the waste and wasting time. Why? Many incidents where the motor modification costs became more expensive than the cost of buying a motor "original" that the goal of modification, is it even a strange hasilnyapun.

Originality factor

This is probably the most controversial paragraphs ever posted in INDOBIKERS. There is a question that is quite intriguing. Does the costume Barcelona numbered 14 you have to be Thierry Henry? Of course not, but certainly you have stated to anyone especially to people who see you that you are a fan or at least sympathizers of the former king of Arsenal. Bahakan if Thierry Henry "original" yes definitely saw you too will smile with you. But by installing fairing Yamaha R1 on the Tiger Revo you, and you happen to run into a real Yamaha R1 would certainly different situations. Maybe nothing happened seemingly anything but actually the driver will only R1 confusion with which you ride motorcycles, often bahakan who scorn it out in the mind of the driver R1 "authentic" is. Besides, whether by using R1 and the fairing you may be necessarily anggot club R1? Unfortunately it's not going to happen but certainly you will lose motor identity.

Creativity without borders

Modifying the motor is the development of creativity without boundaries. But the best pure goal is to modify the original idea, do not imitate or trace moge existing, let alone trace CBU motor sport that costs not much (about the same cost-red) than the price of your own bike. What is clear radical modification of the motor is generally less suitable for daily use. Because like any of the conditions most appropriate motor standarlah used for daily oprasional. If still want to modify the bike but with the condition should be used as a vehicle steadily oprasional daily, the best option is to make minor modifications. Changing tires, veld handlebar and the front or Menganti sockbreaker color and striping pattern into the most appropriate choice. Good luck!

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JUPITER Modif Motor Cycle Unique and Creatif
It is a picture Motor Modif or Modification from Yamaha Jupiter Z.
It's very amazing because the colour of paint is very lightening. i like it.
what is your opinion about this picture modification jupiter..??
do you like it..??

In the second picture, it is Modification from Yamaha too.
it is very nice an unique. You can follow this modification to practice in your motor cycle.
hihiiii. if you have much money, you can make more better than this modification.

wow very amazing and very interesting.
very creatif to make concept modif and modification.

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Honda Elite 2009
If the Honda SH150i’s $4,599 price triggers sticker shock, the more affordable Elite might offer an appealing alternative. Priced at $2,999, the Elite is a third less expensive than the SH150i (with an engine that’s roughly a third smaller, too)—but like any bike, it’s got its own individual pluses and minuses.

I tested the Elite by criss-crossing over 50 miles of gridlock infested Los Angeles streets, and have a few thoughts on whether or not this 108cc scooter might work for you.Downsizing can yield great benefits, and the Honda Elite is a prime example of what can be gained from selective loss. Thanks to its liquid cooled, fuel injected 108cc engine, the saved space enables a considerably larger underseat storage area—35 liters to be precise, which is big enough to swallow two full face helmets, a notable improvement over the SH150i’s skimpy compartment. The Elite also gains a map box just beneath the instrument panel and a handy ignition key lock. Improved fuel economy is also another boon to the smaller package, and the Elite produces over 100 mpg based on EPA emissions testing. Curb weight is 254 pounds, 48 pounds less than the SH150i. Honda Elite 2009.

But something’s gotta give somewhere, and the Elite’s top speed is a little over 50 mph (versus the SH150i’s 65 mph.) Due to its sub-150cc status, the Elite isn’t freeway legal (at least in California), and while 50 mph is plenty fast for surface streets, the Elite immediately gets nixed if interstates happen to be a part of your riding routine.

Also notable are its small tires, which measure 10 inches at the rear and 12 inches up front—a significant drop from the SH150i’s 16-inchers… but more on that later. The Elite is equipped with a rear-to-front linked braking system and a parking brake, and available accessories include a top case which allows 27 extra liters of storage ($143.95), and a tall windshield ($189.95.) Also included is a transferrable one year, unlimited mileage warranty.

The Ride: City Street Manners,
The Elite’s saddle sits 29.1 inches above ground, and like the SH150i it only comes with a center stand (as opposed to a conventional side stand.) But lighter weight makes it less of a hassle to push off and get going—though you’ll also notice the scooter’s more compact proportions when you try to finagle room for your feet on the floorboard. It can take a bit of maneuvering for tall riders to get their feet, butt, and upper body positioned just right, and the Elite’s ergonomics are certainly biased towards in-town jaunts rather than longer distance rides.

Lane-splitting this little ride allows for fearless (but potentially risky) maneuvers that couldn’t otherwise be performed on a larger scooter or motorcycle. Acceleration isn’t most impressive right off the line, but it quickly spools up as momentum is increased. More impressive than the Elite’s “Go” is its “Stop”: the linked brakes feel strong, and their abilities make it tempting to go faster than you ought to in traffic. Likewise, the ten and twelve inch wheels add an element of darty maneuverability, though at higher speeds it takes a steady hand to keep the Elite along the intended trajectory. The chassis doesn’t feel quite as insulated as the SH150i’s, and road irregularities are transmitted more jarringly through the wheels and suspension.

More a nimble traffic jouster than a high-speed cruising machine, the Elite is well suited to the surface streets it’s relegated to due to its engine displacement.
The Bottom Line: A Zip and a Smile
Comparisons between the Elite and its stablemate the SH150i are inevitable, and choosing between the two depends entirely on your needs. The Elite isn’t freeway ready, but it does offer a slightly more maneuverable riding experience while slicing and dicing through traffic. The increased storage space is one welcome benefit of the smaller engine, but the bike’s clanky response to bumps are a not-so-gentle reminder of its diminutive suspension components and down-spec’d chassis. Looking outside the Honda brand, the Yamaha Zuma 125 offers slightly more displacement for the same price, but the Elite’s smoother flowing styling cues will likely steal some sales thunder from the quirky looking Yamaha.

After 50 miles of city riding, I returned the Elite with a grin on my face and a fuel gauge that only dipped down a couple of clicks. The Elite earns 3.5 out of 5 stars (which ties it with the SH150i), mainly since its advantages are counterbalanced by a few disadvantages. But budget-minded buyers who don’t need a freeway commuter will find that the $2,999 Elite is exactly what we seek in the scooter genre: sensible, efficient, and reliable two-wheeled transportation that can get us from point A to B with a zip and a smile Honda Elite 2009.

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Nissan GTR Modification 2009
Earlier this week when we said than Porsche shows Nissan Modification to cheat, more exactly the GTR could not pack a covering on the racecourse of Nurburgring (Nordschleife) as Juste 7 minutes and 29 seconds. In order to show this Porsche Nissan standard GTR bought, brought it to the German racecourse and the surprise left: the GTR packed covering in 7 minutes and 54 seconds, with more than 25 seconds more than the covering packed by the driver of Nissan.

After this, the answer came from Nissan which was completely simple: We will not enter a flamewar with Porsche. The final word of us is that it was made on the absolutely standard tires which are at the disposal of the customers in the showroom. The normal tires of road of Dunlop, that come with the car! the European spokesperson Neil Reeve from Nissan known as.

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Corsa Classic Rebaixado Rebaixada 2009

Corsa Classic Rebaixado Rebaixada 2009 Front views

Corsa Classic Rebaixado Rebaixada 2009

Corsa Classic Rebaixado Rebaixada 2009 Engine

Corsa Classic Rebaixado Rebaixada 2009 Interior

Ferrari F430 HQ Pictures Wallpapers

Ferrari is best of the best sport car.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Classic Cars

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Classic Cars Wallpapers

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

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Modification of Yamaha X1R

kawasaki fury 125 ccmotorcycle yamaha X1R picture is also from the forum I get modifications in the Philippines. turns out there is different from the motor that is in indonesia, the name. but in body shape and construction remain the same only the name that distinguishes it from the motor only. we see only motor yamaha X1R it the same as the yamaha Jupiter MX in indonesia. funds kawasaki fury like a 125 cc Suzuki Satria 150 cc. which is the comparison between yamaha x1R rand kawasaki fury 125 cc's is a form of body. problems and good speed I think yamaha X1R than kawasaki fury 125 and relatively the same.
kawasaki fury 125yamaha XIR modificationyamaha X1R picture

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Cheapest, High Performance and Car Kit Insurance

Many drivers on the road enjoy cars as a passionate hobby, displaying their love for classic cars, collector’s cars, or modified high performance cars through a vehicle they own. Owning and caring for one of these cars is a way to express yourself through automobiles and live your dream. Finding a way to insure your vehicle is very necessary, especially if you want to occasionally go for a drive or flaunt it at a show. The types of insurance offered for any of these vehicles is different than the insurance for a regular car due to either the increased value for the car’s exclusivity or the increased risks that car holds. Not all auto insurance companies are willing to cover these types of cars, so it’s best to do your auto insurance research before building or purchasing your dream car.
Classic Car and Collector’s Car Insurance
Auto insurance for classic or collector’s cars is sometimes less expensive than insurance for a performance car, and can also be less expensive than a modern car. There’s good reason for this too. Often, people who purchase a classic car or collector’s car tend to take very good care of it since it is an older, rarer vehicle. It’s also probably something the owner has been drooling over for some time and wants to keep in pristine condition. These cars are usually kept locked in garages, driven less, buffed with a diaper and are treated like gold. This caretaking is taken into consideration and can have a lowering effect on the auto insurance premiums.

You do have different options of insuring your classic car. Insurers know the owner of a classic car or collector’s car will want to experience the occasional drive and show off this toy at shows and events. Mishaps do occur when driving or at events, which is why you need to take insurance for your vehicle seriously. All auto insurance companies provide different amounts of coverage for these vehicles, but they also make the rules concerning things such as how often the car is driven (number of miles per year), where it is stored, etc. according to the amount insured.

There are a few sorts of coverage you may want to consider when purchasing auto insurance for your classic car. One type of coverage, agreed value coverage, will make sure that you get paid the entire value of what you insured the vehicle for in the event of partial or total loss, including labor and parts. Another type of coverage, called one liability charge, is another coverage to consider. If you own more than one classic or collector’s car, you are only charged for the first vehicle’s coverage. The remaining classic cars you own will be covered for little to no charge. You might also want to consider making sure you can take your car to the repair shop of your choice if there’s ever damage done. Hopefully you’ll know the people and will trust them more compared to a random place the insurance company sends you to.

Car Kit Insurance

Many of the auto insurance companies that provide insurance for collector’s cars and classic cars do not provide insurance for car kits, so it will take time to find yourself an insurer for this type of vehicle. When you are able to find an insurer, you will need to know how much your finished car kit appraises for currently. Car kits may appreciate in their value, so have it appraised every year or two so you’ll know how much to insure it for.

Just like a classic car or collector’s car, a car kit’s premium will be determined by factors such as where the car is stored and how many miles it is driven. When it is locked in a garage or other secure structure and driven very seldom, the rates will be lower.

As you search for insurance, know the difference between you building the car and having a professional mechanic take an old model of a car and restoring it. Very rarely is there a fine line between the two, but you may be looking at owning a restored classic car instead of a car kit if the building isn’t done properly. Carefully explain the details involving the building of the car so the insurance company knows how to insure it.

High Performance Car Insurance

You will most likely be paying more to insure your modified performance car, as these cars tend to be flashier, driven at higher speeds, and involved in more accidents. While certain kinds of modifications will not affect your insurance rate, insurers can argue that other types of modifications decrease the car’s ability to handle while driving, thus increasing the risk for an accident.

Depending on the change you make to your car, your insurance can go up a little or it can go up a lot. Modifications done to the body of your car won’t affect your premiums too much, but anything done to the engine will. If you choose to not report these mods to your insurer and you wreck your car, including those expensive additions, your insurer will not be obligated to replace those unreported additions. It can also be considered insurance fraud to not let the insurer know of your improvements if you insured your car in its original design and altered it later.

Cheapest Insurance

To get the cheapest car insurance for your classic car, collector’s car, or high performance car, you should know a few things to look for. First, when telling your insurance company about your car, make sure to give the make, model, and year. They’ll most likely ask for this information, but have it available because these things will affect your premium. The more rare your car, the more you’ll probably end up paying for its insurance.

When talking about performance cars, realize there are different kinds. One class is sports performance cars, like a Porsche or Corvette. These are vehicles that are performance cars, but if you haven’t altered it in any way then they are given a different status than if you had done something to alter the performance. Before you go ahead and make any changes to these vehicles, check with your insurer to see what would happen to your premium afterwards. The other type of performance car is the car that you’ve modded to enhance its performance while you’ve owned it. If you’ve modded your car extensively, your rates are going to be higher than if you hadn’t.

Young drivers of performance vehicles are most definitely going to be hit hard with an expensive premium. This is due to statistical evidence supporting younger drivers being involved in more traffic violations and accidents. They do not have the experience and maturity of a more seasoned driver, hence the decrease of faith in these young drivers. The advice given is to wait until you’re at least over the age of 30 to indulge in this passion, unless you have the cash to pay for the extreme premium of driving a performance vehicle.

It’d be a shame to let your favorite vehicle “get the boot” and be kept hidden away due to no insurance coverage. If you want to drive your vehicle legally, you’ll need to purchase auto insurance for it, no matter what kind of car it is. Get the most out of your possession by insuring it properly. You’ll be able to enjoy it more without the worry of paying for any damage that could occur. Check out our site to for quotes on insuring your vehicle.

Car Modification Auto Show

Self your car with the fine car insurance qoutes...

Thailand Trend Modification 2009

New Scooter Modification

You can Choose Your style modification whit the pictures refferance above.

Big Motorcycle Modify

All pictures and wallpaper of Big bike motorcycle Modification above can use in your desktop wallpaper.